Monday, June 22, 2015

Coretan Dari Ayra

Hai, nama saya Ayra. Kadang2 mummy panggil saya 'Ra-Ra'.
Syukur, saya dah pun 14 bulan pada 1 Ramadhan lepas.
Saya sekarang tengah belajar nak makan suap sendiri, tapi kadang2 mummy bebel sebab saya buat sepah.
Tapi mummy tak kisah, sebab sekarang makan je, mesti kena alas supaya tak tumpah teruk.

Sekarang saya dah makin banyak cakap, kadang2 mummy & babah tak faham apa yg saya cuba cakap.
Diorang gelak2 cakap saya macam Minion! Saya tak kisah pun.
Ada certain words yg saya pandai cakap walaupun pelat sikit.
Oh ye, sekarang saya dah pandai joget, lompat, bagi flying kiss & salam orang.

Tapi bab makan saya ni susah sikit, kesian mummy kena fikir setiap hari mcm mana nak bg saya makan banyak.
Saya dah start minum Anmum 2 kali kat rumah Mak Zah setiap hari. Tapi bila balik rumah, saya suka mengempeng terus kat mummy. Sebab susu mummy lagi sedap dari Anmum.
Sayang mummy!

Ok bai.

Resepi Puding Roti Sedap Memikat Hati Suami

Assalam semua, Alhamdulillah hari ni dah hari ke-5 kita berpuasa. Syukur masih mampu bertahan walaupun hakikatnya berpuasa ketika menyusukan anak memang menghauskan. Mesti ada antara korang kalau kat office tu google resepi utk masak berbuka kan. So meh aku share resepi picisan dari seorang yg bukanlah handal memasak tapi passionate!

Puding Roti Bersos Kastard 


Beberapa keping roti sandwich
Mentega cair setengah cawan
Telur 3 biji
Esen vanila 1 camca 
Susu segar 3 cawan
Gula setengah cawan

- Panaskan oven 180 degree
- Roti dipotong 4 atau 6 dan susun dalam loyang, curahkan mentega atas roti
- Blend susu segar, gula, esen vanila dan telur sehingga tidak berketul
- Curahkan bahan blend tadi sehingga roti terendam dan taburkan kismis
- Bakar sehingga keperangan selama 20-30 min pada suhu 160 degress (ikut pd oven masing2)

(Sos Kastard)
Susu cair 1 tin
Gula setengah cawan (ikut masing2)
Esen vanila 1 camca 
Tepung kastard 2 sudu besar

- Masak susu cair atas api kecil bersama gula dan esen vanila
- Bancuh tepung kastard bersama sedikit air supaya tak berketul
- Masukkan tepung kastard dan kacau perlahan sehingga likat
- Siap dihidang panas atau sejuk

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

How to Encounter Car Seat Drama?

Car seat is a top priority in your must-have list. It's for your child safety. But facing car seat drama could be daunting. My daily routine is sending Ayra to her babysitter's as my office is nearby. My problem is that every evening when I fetch her, she refuses to sit in her car seat. Some parents did suggest some of these;

1) tablet/smartphone with kids apps [checked!]
- still not working, she throws my iphone, (i think the same repeated nursery rhymes are boring, must download new apps)

2) toys [checked!]
- still not working, (she's getting bored of the same toys, must change her travel toys)

3) cookies/food treat [checked!]
- this idea is promising, i normally use this trick as she enjoys eating and munching

4) sing along [checked!]
- i always sing along (out loud) just to entertain her. siap buat gaya tepuk2 tangan, lantaklah driver lain nampak aku pelik (who cares?!)

How do you deal with this kind of situation? Aku rasa distracted and asyik nak pandang belakang whenever Ayra melalak nangis2 nak escape dari harnest car seat dia. Husband cakap, biarkan je dia nangis, jangan nak pandang2 belakang. Bahaya! So mommies, can you share your experience?

When she was younger (rear facing car seat)

See that face? "Help! Let me out!"

Bought her this fancy designed car seat. Must use the cookies treat. Comot!

Our 3rd Anniversary

Yesterday marked our 3rd wedding anniversary. We took a day leave, sent Ayra to her babysitter's and went for a date. Just the 2 of us. Had our breakfast at Kluang Rail Coffee (our favorite kopitiam), then went to the mall and purchased 2 movie tickets (Avengers: Age of Ultron). Serius lama tak tengok wayang sejak mengandung lagi. While waiting for the showtime, we headed to Songbox Karaoke. Lama sangat tak asah bakat nyanyian. LOL.

Had lunch at Kenny Rogers. No romantic dinner or whatsoever. Grabbed some picture books for Ayra. Kesian dia, tak dapat ikut. Hehe. The movie was good overall. Still in awe watching the technologies created by Tony Stark. Oh, last weekend we just had a short vacation at Pulai Desaru. Sempena 3rd anniversary. Spent quality time with my family, enjoyed the beach and the seafood. 

Thank you husband for being there for me. I know I am not a perfect wife, sebab saya ni degil dan 'gembeng'. But I am trying hard to be one. Love you till Jannah. 

Mummy and Ayra at Desaru Beach

First experience at a beach

Yay! She loves sandy beach

A reward for her

Monday, May 18, 2015

Mummy's Feeling Anxious

I am facing this kind of situation where my baby daughter refuses to drink from feeding bottle when me and husband are around. Again. I also tried some formula milk to top up my ebm, since my ebm stock has depleted. On a normal working day, I bring 3 bottles of ebm to her babysitter's. After 5pm, she usually 'mengempeng' because mummy is around.

This give me anxiety, Will she drink formula milk from her bottle when I am out of town? A friend once said,  Don't worry. Your child will drink the milk when you are not there, and she will understand that mummy has to work.

Easier said than done huh? But I am not convinced. Even when babah tried to feed her, she rejected the mik bottle without hesitation. *sigh* What should I do? I have tried 3 different brands including the renowned goat's milk on the shelves. In fact, we also bought her a new fancy feeding bottle and a sippy cup. The anxiety comes when mummy has to work out of town. And this feeling goes on and off. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

When She Turns One

This is a challenging phase. My daughter has turned one. And now she is in learning process. Recently she can throw tantrums. I guess the culprit is 'teething'. She will cry out loud 'macam kena dera' due to the discomfort. Poor baby. Mummy and babah tried to calm her and luckily I found her old pacifier, the one that Ayra used when she was 4 months. I put the pacifier in the fridge for about 10-15 mins just to chill it. And it helps to soothe her swollen gums. Thank God. We finally feel relieved. 

At night before bed, I usually let Ayra to have a warm bath in her tub. I use Baby Bedtime Lavender Bath to help her sleep better. I throw her favorite toys and let her indulge herself playing with bubbles and splashing water. Put on her pyjamas, give a mild massage, breastfeed her and finally she falls asleep. My child usually sleeps around 10ish. Since she has started walking and cruising the whole house, I found that her sleep pattern has changed. This is good, because mummy and babah can sleep early too. 

The most challenging part is when your child has begun to imitate you. Oh-oh! Make sure you don't use bad words or cursing others in front of your child. They can absorb the information real quick and try to imitate. Normally, when we drop a dry food on your lap or on the table, some of us might blow the food quickly and eat it. Me and husband usually do this. And one fine night, I noticed that Ayra has learnt the same way too. Which is bad for her! My oh my. What do we do now? We must be extra careful and must keep the floor clean. Babies love picking up objects from the floor. Moreover, my child loves ripping up the newspaper, magazines and supermarket catalogues. Then she puts the ripped paper in her mouth. Oh my Ayra!

Learning to use a spoon

Currently her favorite toys: Kitten robot, squeaky duck and babah's XBOX joystick

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Untuk Mama

Selamat Hari Ibu, Mama!
Mama adalah ibu terhebat.
Betapa besarnya pengorbanan sebagai seorag ibu.
Baru sekarang Along tahu,
Bila Allah jadikan Along juga sebagai seorang ibu.

3 bulan pertama diuji dengan alahan mengandung,
3 bulan terakhir, diuji dengan sakit belakang dan pinggul.
Saat melahirkan sakitnya sangat tak tertanggung,

Ya Allah,
Kau sihatkan mamaku,
Limpahkan rezeki yg baik untuknya,
Sentiasa ukirkan senyuman di bibirnya,
Kau lindungilah dia.

Terima kasih Allah untuk segalanya.
Terima kasih, Mama.
I Love You So Much! (nanti balik rumah, kita pergi celebrate ye!)

*ucapan sempena Hari Ibu 2015*

Sunday, April 12, 2015

New Bucket List: Having a VBAC

Recently I am surrounded by pregnant moms, 2 of my colleagues just got pregnant. And the latest my sister in-law just delivered an adorable baby boy via SVD. And.... I told myself, "Seronoknya kalau diizinkan Allah utk pregnant anak no2." But on one condition, I must complete my thesis writing. Thinking about Ayra, she will turn one next week. And she's still being breastfed. Mudah2an dapatlah aku breastfeed Ayra sampai 2 tahun. So, kena sabar sikitlah utk pregnant lagi. Hee.

Kalau ikut hati, memang nak try TTC lagi, tapi fikir balik, unfinished task haruslah disiapkan. "Ko nak master ko sampai 4-5 tahun? Baik convert PHD je!"  Kononnya nak konvo by next year. And by that time, Ayra dah 2 tahun, baru boleh TTC lagi. Kali ini sangat mengidamkan VBAC. Dalam hati, mudah2an lepas ni aku boleh endure contraction yg maha dahsyat tu. Hari tu masa deliver Ayra aku tak ambil any entonox or epidural, tapi aku mintak pethidine je. Tapi tetap sakit jugak. Sebab poor progress, maka aku yg pilih dan berserah utk ceasar. Sebab tak tahan sangat dengan contraction tu. Tak pelah, dah Allah tetapkan aku bersalinkan Ayra ikut tingkap. Yang penting semua selamat. Oh masa pantang hari tu, aku rasa aku banyak cheating, aku skip pakai bengkung. Kononnya sebab csect. Akibatnya, haa ambik ko.. Perut macam dah beranak 3! Kalau ditakdirkan Allah pregnant lagi lepas ni, aku nak pantang betul2. 

Disclaimer: aku tak pregnant sekarang, tunggu Ayra 2 tahun baru leh TTC balik. 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sunday Blues

Kat Johor, tak ada dah istilah 'Monday Blues', sebab dah jadi 'Sunday Blues'. Tak best betul sejak 2014 kena kerja on Sundays. Yelah, Sunday banyak cerita best. Haha. So sindrom hari pertama kerja memang semua macam lemau je, kepala teringat2 rumah. 

Hari pertama sure asyik teringat Ayra. Rindu betul. Sebab weekend spent lama masa golek2 dan gelak2 dengan anak. Haihhhh lepas tu mulalah buka folder album ditatapnya gambar dia sejak lahir lagi. Entahlah, aku rasa mak2 lain ada kot macam aku. Husband pun macam aku. Rindu gila kat anak bila hari pertama kerja. Tapi hari lain pun tetap rindu jugak. Hee.

Lagi 2 minggu Ayra nak setahun. Tak taulah nak celebrate macam mana. Hari tu beriya nak buat makan2 panggil family and friends. Tapi bila fikir balik, dia ni kecik lagi, makna birthday party pun dia tak paham, apa lagi nak tiup2 lilin kat kek bagai. So, we decided untuk celebrate among close family je. Including her grandparents. Bila besar sikit barulah syok buat birthday party.

Last Thursday Ayra demam pulak. Aku syak demam teething tu. Sebab anak aku ni kerja dia asyik nak menggigit je lately. Baju aku, lengan aku, peha aku, meja, toys, magazines, semualah. Nasib baik nipple tak digigitnya. Mau meraung aku. 

Mata macam babah, hidung & mulut macam mummy. Oh, jajan tu bukan utk dia makan pun, buat main je.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My 10 Months Old Baby Development

- enjoys finger foods and drinking from a sippy cup
- rapidly grab any foods that I am holding
- loves watching kids show and Upin Ipin
- understand certain words, "No!", "Cat", "Meow", "Susu"
- enjoys playing peek-a-boo with mummy
- quickly crawl to the front door when Babah's back from work
- will look for mummy while she's awake 
- can pronounce "Baa-bahh" when she wants something and that makes Babah flattered (Babah perasan anak panggil dia =P)
- knows how to wave "Bye-bye" 
- has 2 tooth buds
- enjoys meal time and breastfeeding
- loves picture books and ripping magazines 
- start bending her knees, cruising from a couch for support
- current weight: 8.2kg

Enjoying evening breeze at a park

"Oh, where to start?"

A 30-year-old mother. I've aged!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cara Galakkan Anak Makan

Hari tu balik rumah mama aku kena sound sebab Ayra nampak susut. Mama bising katanya kena jaga makan anak betul2. Jangan lambat bagi makan, kena on time. Jangan mudah putus asa bila suap anak makan, bagi dia makan sampai habis. 

Ok, baiklah. Mama bagi task supaya bila next month balik rumah, mama nak Ayra mesti dah berisi sikit. Oh my! 

Ayra punya habit bila dia rasa makanan tu tak sedap kat tekak dia, lepas 10 suap mulalah sembur2, lepas tu dia buat bunyi 'Wekk', paling teruk dia akan muntahkan makanan yg aku dah suap. Adoi... Pernah sekali aku buat broccoli puree, masuk suapan pertama terus muntah. Taubat dah terus tak letak broccoli sekarang. 

So, semalam aku singgah kedai baby beli feeding bowl dgn sudu baru utk Ayra. 

Hypothesis: Ayra mesti curious nak tau dan dia akan makan bila aku suap dgn sudu dan mangkuk baru yg nampak lebih menarik. 

Yes, Alhamdulillah. Hypothesis aku betul. So ujian aku ni signifikan la kiranya. Bahaha. Amek ko keluar statistik. 

Semalam banyak dia makan, sambil suap sambil layan dia main dan tengok ZooMoo. Memang kena sabar bab2 nak suap dia ni. Yang penting anak kenyang.

Tips and tricks:

1. Pastikan makanan yg disukai anak dan berkhasiat
2. Gunakan utensils yg menarik dgn watak kartun atau color yg menarik
3. Ajak dia main sambil suap dia makan
4. Sabar, sabar, sabar. (Jangan jadi macam aku yg cepat give in)

Ini budak top up dgn EBM lepas habis makan sambil tengok kartun.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Around the Clock

I don't know if I need to blog about this or not.
You know, life as a mother is not an easy task.
I think I need more than 24 hours per day.
My routine starts at 6.40 am.
After morning bath, I quickly off to the kitchen to blend Ayra's porridge that I let it cooked overnight using a slow cooker. Oh, thanks to whom that invented the cooker.
Ayra will cry and ask for milk (or just want to ngempeng).
I have no other option, so I let her ngempeng sambil baring.
I have to ask husband to change Ayra's diaper meanwhile I get dress.
Off to work, punch in and send Ayra to her babysitter's.
After 5 pm, I fetch Ayra.
Cook porridge for Ayra's dinner.
Prepare for dinner.
After Isya' prayer, I start cooking.
Dinner around 9.45pm (ini dikira lewat ni).
Check Ayra's diaper bag, prepare EBM.
Doze off at 12.30 am.
Breastfeeding goes on and on and on from dusk till the break of dawn.

Err, the next morning, I am hungry like a T-Rex. Haha. 

The reason to come home early

Miss this young lady every second

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Dealing with My Wishlist: A Need or Desire?

When I want something that would ask for a huge amount of money, I will jot them down in my wish list. But most of list are meant for Ayra. I think Ayra doesn't care much what I want to buy for her, including her dress, shoes, toys, feeding accessories and such. She only wants mummy's hug and mummy's boobies. Itu dah memadai. Well, sejak jadi mak ni, fikiran haruslah mak-mak. Fikir semua untuk keselesaan anak.

1. Cosatto Car Seat
I am eyeing on this cute Cosatto Moova Car Seat. Tapi macam susah je nak dapat kat Malaysia. Nak beli direct from UK, aku macam cuak lak nak buat international shipment. Kang tak sampai, maunya aku tak nangis. Sumpah comel sangat car seat ni. Aku pernah nampak ada orang jual kat IG, tapi tak sahih pulak originality. Harga: RM800++

 2. Kokadi Flip Carrier 

Ini memang keperluan. Sekarang babywearing tengah trending. Ibu-ibu dah lebih peka terhadap keselamatan dan keselesaan anak2. Semua bertukar kpd ergonomic carrier. Soft structure carrier (SSC) ni aku perlukan sebab Ayra makin besar dan lasak. Ring sling pun kurang membantu sebab dia sekarang dah pandai lentik2 badan tanda protes. Jadi,  haruslah beli 1 SSC. Why Kokadi? Sebab kain dia lembut, sejuk sesuai dgn climate negara kita walaupun Kokadi ni produk German. Lagi 1, body panel dia tak terlalu tinggi, jadi Ayra boleh nampak sekeliling kalau guna SSC. Harga: RM 700++. Nangis.... Kalau tak dapat Kokadi pun, aku akan usaha dapatkan yg lebih murah.

Ini semua nafsu ke keperluan???

Movie Marathon

We watched 3 movies for 3 nights in a row. Oleh sebab perasaan dah muak-bosan-marah dengan ASTRO yg asyik tayangkan program yg diulang2, maka kami suami isteri pun pulun maraton movie yg kami tak sempat nak tengok lagi. Nak je unsubscribe ASTRO kang tak dapat pulak tengok AXN, Food Network. Sejak aku pregnant memang cinema kami tak jejak dah. Tunggu anak besar, barulah boleh tengok wayang.

1. Maze Runner

Filem ni aku bagi rate 4/5. Best sebab jalan cerita dia agak rare dan agak adventurous. Sesuai untuk semua golongan.

2. John Wick

Rate: 3.5/5. Filem aksi Keanu Reeves yg paling best aku tengok selain cerita Speed. Tapi dalam cerita ni dia jadi mafia bapak besar kat US. Tapi seorang yg suami yg sangat penyayang. Babak2 tak sesuai untuk kids sebab banyak aksi head-shot dan bahasa 'fcuk' sangat banyak. Haha.

3. Fury

Filem ni aku bagi 3.5/5 je. Sebab aku tak suka tengok yg ada aksi perang2. Sebab layankan husband, aku pun belasah jelah tengok. Tapi Brad Pitt dalam ni sangat sado. Penuh patriotism. Filem ni pasal perang US dan Nazi (German). Babak perang je banyak takde romantik2 langsung. Budak2 pun tak sesuai tengok.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

My Humble Chicken Aglio Olio

I cooked spaghetti aglio olio (read: ugly-ooo) last night for dinner. I am a huge fan of pasta. I love it when husband love my spaghetti bolognese. Since I have to stop eating seafood for a year (but I cheated, I ate shrimp sambal last month, because my aunt's sambal was irresistible). FYI, I gave birth through a c-sect last April. That is why I tried to 'puasa' seafood for a year until the wound is fully healed. Spaghetti Aglio Olio would definitely taste better with seafood. But I had no choice, so I substituted with chicken breast. It tasted good too. And the best part is, husband said it was yummy.

This is an easy-peasy recipe that you must try when you want to limit your time in the kitchen. 

What you need?

- pasta: spaghetti/angel hair/fettuccine
- chili flakes/dried chili (sliced)
- 3 cloves of garlic (minced)
- cooking oil
- any hard veggie: carrot, celery, capsicum, button mushroom (diced)
- pineapple (optional)
- ground black pepper (optional)
- lean chicken breast (sliced)
- chicken stock
- parsley (for garnishing)


- boil pasta until soft
- saute minced garlic, chili flakes/dried chili and chicken
- add some water and chicken stock
- add veggie, salt and pepper
- add pasta, stir well
- garnish with chopped parsley
- ready to serve

Dinner leftover for today's breakfast; chicken aglio olio

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Tahun baru setiap orang mesti ada azam. Aku tak nak letak perkataan 'azam' tu sebab nanti macam azam tinggal azam je. So dalam otak aku set, 'matlamat' yg mesti aku capai. Oh tahun lepas macam2 peristiwa berlaku. Walau bagaimanapun kita mesti bersyukur sebab masih diberi kesempatan untuk bernafas dan menggunakan nikmat yg Allah kurniakan.

So, tahun ni aku sasarkan beberapa perkara yg aku MESTI achieve:

1- Jaga solat
2- Journal publication
3- Siapkan thesis 
4- Pindah rumah baru by June 2015
5- Kurangkan online shopping
6- Nak aktif bersukan

Haha, yg #5 tu aku macam was-was lak boleh ke aku achieve ni??? Yelah, most of the time I shop for Ayra. Baju, kasut, breastpump accessories, toys, macam2 lagi lah. Kadang2 barang2 tu mana nak dapat kat Kluang ni haaa.. Nasib baik Ikea tak de buat online shopping & boleh deliver seluruh malaysia, selamat duit aku!


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