Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Embracing 2015

Today marked the last day of year 2014. Alhamdulillah all went well, although there have been a lot of ups and downs. Some were sweet, a few bitter stories. In April, I gave birth to a sweet baby girl after 15 months of conceiving. She is currently at 8.5 months. A month after, 25 May, we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. But without fancy dinner, no romantic getaway. Because I was in my confinement with kain batik and loose shirt. So-not-sexy. Haha. On 18 October, we hosted an Aqiqah Ceremony for Ayra. Alhamdulillah. We celebrated everyone's birthday, anniversary and had family dinner. Tahun ni banyak makan kek. But my sister's was the best. Because mama and ayah hosted an Open House cum her birthday party. Takpelah kiranya 21st birthday yg best la tu. 

This year we heard devastating news; the missing MH370, the crash of MH17, the Gaza assault, and currently the flood at pantai timur. Let's pray and hope for the best. 

In November, a week after ayah's birthday, my family was shocked to hear a news that ayah was rushed to the hospital due to difficulty in breathing. Alhamdulillah, ayah masih bersama kami. He was diagnosed with myocardiac infarction a.k.a heart attack. Now, mama has to monitor his daily food uptake and practice good diet. No fried food, low fat and low calorie.

Thank you Allah for giving me strength to face this whole year. I really hope this coming 2015 I will be a better person. Ya Allah, bantulah aku memperkukuhkan ibadahku. Jadikan aku isteri dan ibu yg lebih berjaya. Lapangkan rezeki kami sekeluarga. Ameen. 


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Picky Eater?

I don't know whether to classify my baby as a picky eater or not. She has just started eating solid since 6 months and found out that she loves eating according to her preference. I've tried avocado, carrot, sweet potato, broccoli, banana, pumpkin, pear, apple, rice, papaya, organic oat, dates, spinach, fish. 

Food that she say NO:
- broccoli (she vomited it out)
- carrot
- pumpkin
- sweet potato

I guess she dislikes those bottom two sebab ikut babah dia. Shafiq pun tak suka pumpkin dan keledek. Patutlah anak pun ikut jugak. Aku je yg suka labu dan keledek. 

Pernah aku buat bubur nasi campur karot pun diketapnya mulut tak nak bukak. Haih. Yang manis bercampur kurma memang jadi favorite Ayra. Haha. Ni macam aku, sebab aku suka kurma.

Mama dah bising suruh bagi Ayra banyak makan bubur nasi, aku manjang bagi dia makan puree je. Dah tu yg senang buat. Sebab aku akan prepare puree untuk 4 hari berdasarkan 4-day rule tu. Bila aku buat bubur nasi + broccoli + tenggiri dia makan sikit je. Bila dia makan sikit, aku lak nak sentap sebab mesti aku masak tak sedap. Bahaha. Ntah ape2 je. Yelah, bubur tu takde rasa kan, sebab baby bawah setahun tak boleh bagi garam, gula tu semua. Even madu pun tak boleh, sebab berisiko kena Botulisme. 

Lepas ni aku nak try bagi brown rice, peas, mango and peach. So far, Alhamdulillah dia takde alergik apa2 makanan kecuali yg dia betul2 reject. Fresh fruit pun dia suka. Aku potong banana or papaya, letak dalam clevafeed dan bagi dia gigit-gigit. Kira tu macam teether jugaklah. Ibu2 boleh tengok chart ni baru dapat idea nak masak apa.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ayra is 8 months Today

- has started solid since 6 months
- still being breastfed
- can stick her tongue out
- babbling happily like singing and nagging in her own way
- can sit without any help
- started to pull herself up to a stand
- still love bouncing
- crawl like a champ
- cries when mummy's gone for a while
- love to drink from a cup
- can clap her hands when she heard 'Tepuk Amai2' song
- can shake her head side to side meaning 'I Don't Want!' and when she heard "Lailahaillallah.." zikir

Panjat badan mummy

She pushed the walker instead of sitting on it

Panjat gerobok tv

Being cheeky

Gelak bila mummy geletek perut

Can sit in a shopping cart

Sorry mummy I don't like sippy cup because I drink from a cup. I'm a big girl now!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Review: Farmasi CC Cream

Jarang aku buat review pasal make-up. Sebabnya aku sendiri pun jarang make-up. Kalau pegi office tu sapu Bodyshop compact powder dan pakai lip gloss brand lip ice aje. Macam budak2 kan.. Dah tua macam ni pun lipstick tak nak pakai. Aku  takut pakai lipstick bibir jadi hitam. Tu yg aku pakai lip ice manjang. 

Tapi kali ni aku saje buat review foundation yg aku rasa best sangat. Sebelum ni beli yg Maybelline yg matte finish aku pakai sekali 2 je kot. Last2 aku bagi adik aku. Sebab tak sesuai dengan kulit. Lepas apply dalam setengah jam, muka aku start berminyak. Eeee, terus tak nak pakai dah. Compact powder pun sama jugak. Lama aku hunting cari yg betul2 sesuai dgn kulit aku yg sensitif. Finally jumpa Bodyshop punya. Memang mahal sikit tapi yg penting kulitku bahagia.

Farmasi CC (Color Control) Cream ni sebenarnya yg aku nak cerita. Memang best sgt. Semalam jugak aku pegi beli dan test malam tadi. Pagi tadi apply CC cream ni lepas tu pakai bedak, hasilnya sangat selesa. Dia bagi powdery finish. Tak greasy pun. Plus Farmasi punya produk disahkan Halal. Ni produk dari Turkey. Patutlah ramai yg cakap best CC ni, memang iye pun. So aku rasa aku stick dgn foundation ni lah. 

Korang boleh baca kat website Farmasi official pasal product description. Click

- ada 2 colors: Light to Medium, Medium to Dark
- tekstur halus
- powdery finish dan tak berminyak
- tak perlu amount yg banyak untuk dapatkan tona kulit yg sekata (menjimatkan!)
- harga sangat affordable RM45.90
- banyak terdapat di major retailers or drugstore (senang cari!) sebab aku beli dekat parkson je
- halal (Produk Turkey)
- mudah ditanggalkan tak perlu genyeh kuat2 sangat

Disclaimer: Ni pendapat berdasarkan pengalaman, setiap orang mungkin berbeza.

Monday, December 15, 2014

How Would U React?

How would u react when someone that you've been nice to her/him, but at the end of the day he/she say something bad about you? I think this is typical attitude that most agency / company have at least one person with this awful attitude. 

That is why I never put any trust to anyone in the office. Unless my fellow researchers, but we are at different states. So sad. I think I had misjudge this particular person. I thought that she is a nice person, the way she talks, she is a soft-spoken type of person. But who would know how she talk bad about other staffs. Alrignt, lesson learnt. Never ever judge a book by its cover. That's it!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Review: Pigeon Peristaltic Plus Bottle

I had this kind of problem which is my baby rejected her Tommee Tippee bottle. This happened when I left her with husband while working at the head office. I had to tag along both of them and hubby had babysit Ayra at the hotel while mummy was out for a meeting with the boss. So, this is how the story begins. Ayra refused ebm in feeding bottle. She cried out loud until husband had to bring her out from the hotel room and 'tawaf' the whole Alamanda shopping mall. Oh, luckily the hotel is just adjacent Alamanda so hubby can escape there.

The other story is we had to leave Ayra at my mom's place because her babysitter was out of town. My mom said she only drank 2 oz out of 4 oz of ebm. My oh my! And she also had some apple puree for her lunch. I started to panic but my mom remained as calm as possible. Because she had experiences in handling her kids. Hee.

Then i came across some mother's review on Pigeon bottle. Most of them gave positive feedbacks. Finally I bought one Pigeon Peristaltic Plus Bottle (Polypropylene) for Ayra. That night I was experimenting and tadaaaa it works wonders. Some mothers use the term, "Magical Bottle". And it's true. Ayra has started to drink from Pigeon bottle. Phewww, it is such a relief when I saw Ayra can easily adapting to the new soft teat. And I saw hubby smiling happily. Alhamdulillah. So, as for now bye bye Tommee Tippee bottle. Kita simpan dulu untuk adik Ayra pulak.

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