Monday, May 18, 2015

Mummy's Feeling Anxious

I am facing this kind of situation where my baby daughter refuses to drink from feeding bottle when me and husband are around. Again. I also tried some formula milk to top up my ebm, since my ebm stock has depleted. On a normal working day, I bring 3 bottles of ebm to her babysitter's. After 5pm, she usually 'mengempeng' because mummy is around.

This give me anxiety, Will she drink formula milk from her bottle when I am out of town? A friend once said,  Don't worry. Your child will drink the milk when you are not there, and she will understand that mummy has to work.

Easier said than done huh? But I am not convinced. Even when babah tried to feed her, she rejected the mik bottle without hesitation. *sigh* What should I do? I have tried 3 different brands including the renowned goat's milk on the shelves. In fact, we also bought her a new fancy feeding bottle and a sippy cup. The anxiety comes when mummy has to work out of town. And this feeling goes on and off. 


  1. problem sama masa Amna around 1 yo.

    Dia x nak minum susu from her bottle in 2 situation:-

    1. When I am around
    2. When she's at home

    But worry not nanti dia lapar pandai la dia makan lebih.. hehehe

  2. Ni typical problem breastfed baby ke eh?
    Taubat sgt sebab kat rumah nina culas mengepam. salah sendiri.
    Now stok ebm tinggal utk esok hari kat rumah babysitter je.

  3. Still struggling to wean off my son hehe dun give up kie

  4. ni typical problem breastfed baby yg selalu kat rumah tak di bottle fed kan..


    biasa nya mothers will helper kat rumah akan lebih rajin pam and bg guna botol..

    kita ni.. precious sgt masa tu kdg2 even to sit down 15 mins to pump. plus it's easier just to direct latch, kan

    1. betul tu, kalau kat rumah, it's easier, just selak and ngempeng.



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