Monday, June 22, 2015

Coretan Dari Ayra

Hai, nama saya Ayra. Kadang2 mummy panggil saya 'Ra-Ra'.
Syukur, saya dah pun 14 bulan pada 1 Ramadhan lepas.
Saya sekarang tengah belajar nak makan suap sendiri, tapi kadang2 mummy bebel sebab saya buat sepah.
Tapi mummy tak kisah, sebab sekarang makan je, mesti kena alas supaya tak tumpah teruk.

Sekarang saya dah makin banyak cakap, kadang2 mummy & babah tak faham apa yg saya cuba cakap.
Diorang gelak2 cakap saya macam Minion! Saya tak kisah pun.
Ada certain words yg saya pandai cakap walaupun pelat sikit.
Oh ye, sekarang saya dah pandai joget, lompat, bagi flying kiss & salam orang.

Tapi bab makan saya ni susah sikit, kesian mummy kena fikir setiap hari mcm mana nak bg saya makan banyak.
Saya dah start minum Anmum 2 kali kat rumah Mak Zah setiap hari. Tapi bila balik rumah, saya suka mengempeng terus kat mummy. Sebab susu mummy lagi sedap dari Anmum.
Sayang mummy!

Ok bai.

Resepi Puding Roti Sedap Memikat Hati Suami

Assalam semua, Alhamdulillah hari ni dah hari ke-5 kita berpuasa. Syukur masih mampu bertahan walaupun hakikatnya berpuasa ketika menyusukan anak memang menghauskan. Mesti ada antara korang kalau kat office tu google resepi utk masak berbuka kan. So meh aku share resepi picisan dari seorang yg bukanlah handal memasak tapi passionate!

Puding Roti Bersos Kastard 


Beberapa keping roti sandwich
Mentega cair setengah cawan
Telur 3 biji
Esen vanila 1 camca 
Susu segar 3 cawan
Gula setengah cawan

- Panaskan oven 180 degree
- Roti dipotong 4 atau 6 dan susun dalam loyang, curahkan mentega atas roti
- Blend susu segar, gula, esen vanila dan telur sehingga tidak berketul
- Curahkan bahan blend tadi sehingga roti terendam dan taburkan kismis
- Bakar sehingga keperangan selama 20-30 min pada suhu 160 degress (ikut pd oven masing2)

(Sos Kastard)
Susu cair 1 tin
Gula setengah cawan (ikut masing2)
Esen vanila 1 camca 
Tepung kastard 2 sudu besar

- Masak susu cair atas api kecil bersama gula dan esen vanila
- Bancuh tepung kastard bersama sedikit air supaya tak berketul
- Masukkan tepung kastard dan kacau perlahan sehingga likat
- Siap dihidang panas atau sejuk

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

How to Encounter Car Seat Drama?

Car seat is a top priority in your must-have list. It's for your child safety. But facing car seat drama could be daunting. My daily routine is sending Ayra to her babysitter's as my office is nearby. My problem is that every evening when I fetch her, she refuses to sit in her car seat. Some parents did suggest some of these;

1) tablet/smartphone with kids apps [checked!]
- still not working, she throws my iphone, (i think the same repeated nursery rhymes are boring, must download new apps)

2) toys [checked!]
- still not working, (she's getting bored of the same toys, must change her travel toys)

3) cookies/food treat [checked!]
- this idea is promising, i normally use this trick as she enjoys eating and munching

4) sing along [checked!]
- i always sing along (out loud) just to entertain her. siap buat gaya tepuk2 tangan, lantaklah driver lain nampak aku pelik (who cares?!)

How do you deal with this kind of situation? Aku rasa distracted and asyik nak pandang belakang whenever Ayra melalak nangis2 nak escape dari harnest car seat dia. Husband cakap, biarkan je dia nangis, jangan nak pandang2 belakang. Bahaya! So mommies, can you share your experience?

When she was younger (rear facing car seat)

See that face? "Help! Let me out!"

Bought her this fancy designed car seat. Must use the cookies treat. Comot!

Our 3rd Anniversary

Yesterday marked our 3rd wedding anniversary. We took a day leave, sent Ayra to her babysitter's and went for a date. Just the 2 of us. Had our breakfast at Kluang Rail Coffee (our favorite kopitiam), then went to the mall and purchased 2 movie tickets (Avengers: Age of Ultron). Serius lama tak tengok wayang sejak mengandung lagi. While waiting for the showtime, we headed to Songbox Karaoke. Lama sangat tak asah bakat nyanyian. LOL.

Had lunch at Kenny Rogers. No romantic dinner or whatsoever. Grabbed some picture books for Ayra. Kesian dia, tak dapat ikut. Hehe. The movie was good overall. Still in awe watching the technologies created by Tony Stark. Oh, last weekend we just had a short vacation at Pulai Desaru. Sempena 3rd anniversary. Spent quality time with my family, enjoyed the beach and the seafood. 

Thank you husband for being there for me. I know I am not a perfect wife, sebab saya ni degil dan 'gembeng'. But I am trying hard to be one. Love you till Jannah. 

Mummy and Ayra at Desaru Beach

First experience at a beach

Yay! She loves sandy beach

A reward for her

Monday, May 18, 2015

Mummy's Feeling Anxious

I am facing this kind of situation where my baby daughter refuses to drink from feeding bottle when me and husband are around. Again. I also tried some formula milk to top up my ebm, since my ebm stock has depleted. On a normal working day, I bring 3 bottles of ebm to her babysitter's. After 5pm, she usually 'mengempeng' because mummy is around.

This give me anxiety, Will she drink formula milk from her bottle when I am out of town? A friend once said,  Don't worry. Your child will drink the milk when you are not there, and she will understand that mummy has to work.

Easier said than done huh? But I am not convinced. Even when babah tried to feed her, she rejected the mik bottle without hesitation. *sigh* What should I do? I have tried 3 different brands including the renowned goat's milk on the shelves. In fact, we also bought her a new fancy feeding bottle and a sippy cup. The anxiety comes when mummy has to work out of town. And this feeling goes on and off. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

When She Turns One

This is a challenging phase. My daughter has turned one. And now she is in learning process. Recently she can throw tantrums. I guess the culprit is 'teething'. She will cry out loud 'macam kena dera' due to the discomfort. Poor baby. Mummy and babah tried to calm her and luckily I found her old pacifier, the one that Ayra used when she was 4 months. I put the pacifier in the fridge for about 10-15 mins just to chill it. And it helps to soothe her swollen gums. Thank God. We finally feel relieved. 

At night before bed, I usually let Ayra to have a warm bath in her tub. I use Baby Bedtime Lavender Bath to help her sleep better. I throw her favorite toys and let her indulge herself playing with bubbles and splashing water. Put on her pyjamas, give a mild massage, breastfeed her and finally she falls asleep. My child usually sleeps around 10ish. Since she has started walking and cruising the whole house, I found that her sleep pattern has changed. This is good, because mummy and babah can sleep early too. 

The most challenging part is when your child has begun to imitate you. Oh-oh! Make sure you don't use bad words or cursing others in front of your child. They can absorb the information real quick and try to imitate. Normally, when we drop a dry food on your lap or on the table, some of us might blow the food quickly and eat it. Me and husband usually do this. And one fine night, I noticed that Ayra has learnt the same way too. Which is bad for her! My oh my. What do we do now? We must be extra careful and must keep the floor clean. Babies love picking up objects from the floor. Moreover, my child loves ripping up the newspaper, magazines and supermarket catalogues. Then she puts the ripped paper in her mouth. Oh my Ayra!

Learning to use a spoon

Currently her favorite toys: Kitten robot, squeaky duck and babah's XBOX joystick


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