Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My 10 Months Old Baby Development

- enjoys finger foods and drinking from a sippy cup
- rapidly grab any foods that I am holding
- loves watching kids show and Upin Ipin
- understand certain words, "No!", "Cat", "Meow", "Susu"
- enjoys playing peek-a-boo with mummy
- quickly crawl to the front door when Babah's back from work
- will look for mummy while she's awake 
- can pronounce "Baa-bahh" when she wants something and that makes Babah flattered (Babah perasan anak panggil dia =P)
- knows how to wave "Bye-bye" 
- has 2 tooth buds
- enjoys meal time and breastfeeding
- loves picture books and ripping magazines 
- start bending her knees, cruising from a couch for support
- current weight: 8.2kg

Enjoying evening breeze at a park

"Oh, where to start?"

A 30-year-old mother. I've aged!


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