Thursday, May 14, 2015

When She Turns One

This is a challenging phase. My daughter has turned one. And now she is in learning process. Recently she can throw tantrums. I guess the culprit is 'teething'. She will cry out loud 'macam kena dera' due to the discomfort. Poor baby. Mummy and babah tried to calm her and luckily I found her old pacifier, the one that Ayra used when she was 4 months. I put the pacifier in the fridge for about 10-15 mins just to chill it. And it helps to soothe her swollen gums. Thank God. We finally feel relieved. 

At night before bed, I usually let Ayra to have a warm bath in her tub. I use Baby Bedtime Lavender Bath to help her sleep better. I throw her favorite toys and let her indulge herself playing with bubbles and splashing water. Put on her pyjamas, give a mild massage, breastfeed her and finally she falls asleep. My child usually sleeps around 10ish. Since she has started walking and cruising the whole house, I found that her sleep pattern has changed. This is good, because mummy and babah can sleep early too. 

The most challenging part is when your child has begun to imitate you. Oh-oh! Make sure you don't use bad words or cursing others in front of your child. They can absorb the information real quick and try to imitate. Normally, when we drop a dry food on your lap or on the table, some of us might blow the food quickly and eat it. Me and husband usually do this. And one fine night, I noticed that Ayra has learnt the same way too. Which is bad for her! My oh my. What do we do now? We must be extra careful and must keep the floor clean. Babies love picking up objects from the floor. Moreover, my child loves ripping up the newspaper, magazines and supermarket catalogues. Then she puts the ripped paper in her mouth. Oh my Ayra!

Learning to use a spoon

Currently her favorite toys: Kitten robot, squeaky duck and babah's XBOX joystick

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