Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Long Wait After A C-Sect

Just for your info, I gave birth my first baby via a c-sect. If you want to know more, please click here for the full story. I have to put everything in consideration such as doing heavy lifting, sport activities, climbing (even on a stool). Some people say giving birth via a c-sect is easier and less pain, but taking care of the wound is another story. 

Seeing and hearing pregnancy stories from my best friends made me feel like "Hey, I want to get pregnant again!". But, "Oh dear, I have to wait for 3 years before I start conceiving again!". How true is that? Do I have to wait for that long period? FYI, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS in short. A 'syndrome'? Sounds eerie right? Actually, it has something to do with my menses. A couple of years ago, my menses was haywire. It came every 3-4 months. Alhamdulillah, I managed to meet a gynae. He helped me to get my normal menses back. And finally, I was pregnant in August 2013 and gave birth to an adorable baby girl in April 2014. 

According to Babycenter, a woman after having a c-sect must wait for at least 18-23 months before conceiving again. 

"Studies have also shown that women who conceive less than six months after giving birth may have a higher risk for complications such as a ruptured uterus or a premature or low-birth weight baby. You'll need some time to adjust to your new life as a parent, too, before you add another baby into the mix. By giving yourself plenty of time to heal and to get acclimated to parenthood, you'll give your next baby the best start in life."

Well Ayra, mummy will give you a baby sister/brother when you reach 3 years of age. InshaAllah... As for now, we will concentrate on you and give you the best that we can. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Cerita Waktu Malam

Tajuk suspen kan? Muahaha. Ni cerita Ayra yang susah nak tidur malam on time. Lately sejak Ayra dah pandai main dan makin lasak ni, dia susah sikit nak tidur malam. Aku dah tidurkan dia seawal 8 malam, tup-tup dalam pukul 11.30 or 12 dia bangun sambil cakap, "At-tee-tah!". Itu bahasa Ayra which means "Jom main!"

My oh my, dia bukan main segar bila mummy dan babah dah siap2 nak tidur or tengok CSI / Hawai-5-O sambil2 hirup Nescafe dan Teh O panas. Lepas tu berlarutan sampai 2 am. Macam mana aku nak manage sleep pattern anak aku ni? Memang baby macam ni ke bila dia dah 4 bulan ke atas?

Akhirnya, pagi itu mata mummy awak ni susah nak bukak. Macam mana kita nak train dia supaya tidur on time? Any tips and tricks? Appreciate if you could share some. TIA!


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