Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Unexpected

I was waiting for my AF to visit me last Ramadhan. The truth is, my gynae would like to continue my fertility treatment after Raya. My previous correctional cycle (after 4 Clomid cycles) was 40-43 days. And I was hoping that AF will appear on that particular date. A week after my period was estimated to come, I had this normal PMS symptoms; sore breasts, cramps, mood swings. Ah, it is just normal symptom! I kept saying that. The period  didn't show up until 14days. My period must be irregular this time. 3 days later, my lower back started to hurt at night. I asked husband to rub my back with citronella balm. The cramp was getting more intense. It was difficult to put myself to sleep. 

I could not go to work on 20 Aug 2013. So, that evening, after work, husband brought me to seek for medical attention. I went to see Dr Jamaliah. I told her about my PMS symptoms, later on, she asked me to sample my urine. After 5 mins, she showed me the 2 miracle lines that I was always hoping. My UPT is positive after 15 months of marriage.

Allahuakbar..Allahuakbar...Allahuakbar... Allah has answered our prayers. Dr Jamaliah also showed me my 1st baby-in-the-making ultrasound picture. I can see a tiny sac in my womb. She suggested me to come for another ultrasound after 2 weeks.

To date, I have experienced nausea, frequent urination, cramps, back pain, fruit cravings. I hope Allah will ease my pregnancy journey. Ameen..


  1. I have to read twice to confirm apa yg dibaca.. haha congratulation nina & shafiq! Alhamdulillah akhirnya makbul doa kalian

  2. Congrats Nina.. Allah had answer ur pray..Alhamdulillah..

    Take more care of urself =)

    Happy for both u. =)

  3. Alhamdulillah....Im so happy for u :-) Take care of urself...and congratulation! Semoga semuanya selamat dan lahirlah zuriat yg soleh/solehah....Amin...

  4. qey: alhamdulillah...thank u.rasa tak percaya mula2 tu..

    Leeyana: thank u...nina pun doakan korang semua..

    Sweet tooth: thank u kak dust to all of you!

  5. haaaaa.... kan dh ckp dah heheheh tahniah nina & syafiq :) jg diri lek lok k.. xmo lasak2 sbb bkn senang tau. sama2 gendong baby nanti ^_^

  6. Nina, should Yani repeat the others' words? Huhuhu...Alhamdulillah! sangat gembira untuk Nina...jaga kandungan ye!

  7. tahniah....semoga semuanya selamat. Insha Allah

  8. bestnye nina! alhamdulillah. xsangke kan? farhah tumpang gembira. semoga baik2 sahaja ok:) *rase nak nangis sebab gembira sgt* lps ni dh x jadi geng TTC dah.hehehe


    CONGRATS NINA! FINALLY! ALHAMDULILLAH UR TTC JOURNEY WAS NOT TOO LONG! Enjoy ur pregnancy!! Weeeeeeeee :D :D :D Sorry capslock sbb excited :D :D :D

  10. Alhamdulillah...happpy 4 u!! :) *hugs* take care nina! ;)

  11. kak V: thank u akak...doakan kami sihat2...nervous jgk sbb 1st time ni.. (=

    Batik_pink: thanks so much dear. nina doakan semua TTCian akan dipermudahkan & dikurniakan rezeki soon...Ameen

    Suri Hunny: thank u tau dust to u too!

    Farhah: thanks dear..nina doakan lps ni rezeki farhah pulak.. (=

    ZuE: tq so much dust to u too!

    Jay: thanks a lot Jay..doakan kami sihat2 ye...(=

  12. Lin: syukur alhamdulillah...doakan kami ye (=

  13. NINA!!! Kenapa Atie orang paling lambat tahu berita gembira ni....Syukur Ya Allah. Please jaga diri dan kandungan yer. Doakan Atie jugak.



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